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Welcome to Stoned Redneck Gaming
Here you will experience one of the most fun and action packed Arma 2 OA Wasteland servers out there. We have all kinds of goodies in store for you on our Wasteland server. From, spawning air vehicles, pre-fabricated bases, enhanced AI, weapons crates, and multiple in-game missions. Join one of three factions, Blufor, Opfor, or Independents. Team up and build base defenses and attack, or defend opposing forces. Stockpile supplies, and vehicles to better your chances of survival. Compete against the factions for the in-game missions. (Some of these missions pay out pretty well) We are a Hack-free server and do not tolerate any type of unauthorized scripting or anything of that nature. This will result in an INSTANT ban! We are here to have fun, play the game, and make this server enjoyable for all who play. To keep our server running, we are very appreciative of donations. Donations can be made by selecting the application on the right side of the page through our secure PayPal service. We also have special perks for certain donators, i.e., custom load outs etc for those who make regular donations, or noticable contributions. If you would like to become a donator, please contact one of the Admins, and they will get you squared away. There will be active admins on our server so while in game, don't hesitate to contact one of them.

Server Rules
No cheating, hacking, team killing, combat logging, VOIP in Global, spamming, whining, team vehicle theft, or kamakazee. If you have any issues in game regarding or if you suspect any of these things, please notify an admin via text in global.

Kick'n Wing
SSgt Reed

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